PS3 Blinking Red Light – Easy to fix it

If you got the PS3 blinking red light problem just like me, the PS3 randomly shuts itself off, leaving a blinking red light instead of the normal green and blue, or the light turned green briefly and then turned red and blinked or some other red light flashing, bla bla bla…  You can check your machine first:

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ps3 errors and how to fix it1. Give the PS3 plently of rest. You can pretty much narrow it down to overheating if you noticed your console sounding louder prior to the red flashing light issues or it felt very warm or even hot. Also, if the console flat down on the floor or up against the wall the vents are blocked off in this position and ventilation suffers.

2. Opening the case and do some housekeeping! A bunch of dust collecting on the console and in the vent, can block off ventilation as well and lead to overheating when the console is in use.DE-DUST your PS3 with a mini vacuum.

3.This only works for some models. Turn the mains switch off, hold the eject button. While holding it, turn the mains on, when the power light is green, release it, it will beep. The fan will operate at the highest speed possible and will eject any disc that is inside. After about 15 seconds the fan will stop spinning and the ps3 will beep 3 times and blink a red light. When this happens, turn the mains off and on then turn it on normally.

4.Getting a NEW FAN. Either you replace the old one with a stronger, better blower if it’s faulty or get an additional pad/fan on the outside. Don’t void your warrenty.

After the above 4 steps, the problem is still exist… You can send the PS3 back to  SONY. If you did so, it will cost you $150.00 if your PS3 is out of warranty. You have to wait 6 weeks to get it back. I don’t want to wait 6 weeks. I want to get the blinking red light fixed. I want to play my game now!

I asked my friend and he suggested that I can fix it by myself. He recommended a good repair kit to me. Followed the kit,he fixed his PS3. I found it’s really sweet that might help:

PS3 Lights Fix

Tip 1. You don’t have to wait 6 weeks to get your PS3 back. You don’t need to pay the $150 repair fee if your PS3 is out of warranty. You can repair your PS3 immediately.

Tip 2. Fixing the PS3 by yourself,you can still retain all you hard drive contents rather than a refurbished one with clean hard drive.

Tip 3. You can fix any PS3 problems such as YLOD, PS3 Blinking Red Light, PS3 error code, and all other problems. Doing this, you don’t have to be an expert.

Tip 4. The guide is perfect for beginners who has no electronic experience. You can follow the step by step videos to check and fix your PS3.

Tip 5. You just need some common household items to get started. No need to buy expensive equipment.
* Screw Driver (Phillips and Flathead)
* A PC or Mac, or any electronic device!
* Internet connection on your computer (So you can access everything)

Tip 6. It includes repair guides for all available PS3 models:
* PS3 60GB (most common)
* PS3 40GB
* PS3 80GB
* PS3 slim


I’m definitely getting one even I don’t have major problems with my PS3… yet? PS3 Lightfix seems like just the Right & Complete Guide to PS3 Troubleshoots. If my PS3 decides to give me mood swings, I’ll be ready anytime!

Repair your PS3 in 1 hour now!

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